Platinum Course

Platinum Course of Asami-Paris

The Platinum Course is 5-times finishing school how to behave elegantly of Asami-paris method and will you help upgrade your success with confidence, elegant and beautiful.

Life coach

My beliefs as a Life Coach

Bring out your own beauty

Make your behavior beautiful

Change your thoughts with world-wide

Lesson Module


Module:How to behave when you stop and turn around with elegance

Changing the view you see.

If you were an actress, how would you behave?If you were a queen, how would you stay elegant?

People who are always in a position to be seen behavior knows how they are seen and create an their image by themselves.

You will experience a significant change in the reality you see now, by changing your perspective.
You can change immediately!

Module:How to check your watch elegantly

Create your beautiful aura

Did you know that there is a beautiful and elegant way to look at watches?
When you look at your watch, you are usually in a very hurry or busy with something and don't have a lot of time to spare.
However, beautiful people also think about how beautiful they look when they look at a clock.
In this step you will learn how to look at a watch beautifully and elegantly and practice how to create the aura of a beautiful woman.

Module:Be aware of elegance in detail
(With coats, gloves and jackets)

How to dominate the moment everyone is attracted to you

Do you take care to look beautiful when you take off your coat and gloves?

When you take off your coat, jacket or gloves,  you should pay attention to these moments.

Use the time when you take off your jacket to attract everyone with your beautiful aura and behavior.
Learn how to take it off beautifully, keep practicing and before you know it, you will be that special person who is always in the limelight.

Module:Manner of smiles with your presence

How to smile with global standard

Did you know that smileys vary from country to country?
Smiles favoured in the West and those considered good in Asian regions are different in nature and vary from country to country.

If you are a woman who is active in the world, you need to behave regularly with a smile that works everywhere.

Covid-19 had changed the world we live and opened the door for women to live active in the world, not just in their own country.

In particular, we need to realise that the Japanese way of smiling is distrustful in the West.

Module:Elegantly behavior in restaurants and cafés

How to treat yourself as beautiful woman

Luxury hotels and restaurants have dress codes, and you are expected to behave accordingly.

By learning to behave like a celebrity who regularly spends time in fine restaurants, you will change your mood dramatically.

You treat yourself as the beautiful and unique person,  you will have the power to change the way you look and feel.

Lesson Contents

Times:5 times
Hours:45 minutes /time


Charge: 10,000yen/time

Course:45,000/5 times